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About OSSA

Empower Growth

Initiated in 2016, One Stop Solution Advisory (OSSA) is Malaysia’s rising financial advisory agency alliance with Super Group, the most elite strategic partner group in Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Bhd. At OSSA, our purpose is to make profound, positive impacts for our people, for our clients and for our communities. We aim to provide value-added client services while upholding the highest professionals and ethical standards following our values and philosophy. Humbly founded by a group of passionate professionals from different fields of professions, OSSA pushes the boundaries of traditional financial planning and risk management. We offer expertise, personalised high-quality solutions designated with one main goal, to help preserve, grow and provide businesses/individuals financial security.

Fists in Solidarity
Fists in Solidarity
Image by Sean Pollock

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower young people with confidence to pursue their ambitions and dreams by offering solution, platform, education, tools and resources to help mitigate their risk exposure and achieving financial freedom.

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Our Mission

We strive to provide the highest standards of integrity, ethicality and professionalism in our relationship with all while delivering financial peace of mind through tailored objective advice.

Our Philosophy

1 / 以人为本,相扶相承

People-Oriented, Equality & Teamwork 

2 /整合资源,集思广益

Consolidation of Resources and Upholding The Value of Sharing To Achieve Greater Efficiency

3 /积极进取, 参与建设

To Promote Dynamic Self-development & Active Participation

4 / 取诸社会,付诸社会

To Serve and To Care For The Society With Strong Commitment & Social Responsibility

5 / 共识共谋 ,团结一心

To Work Together in Union With One Mind, One Vision & One Goal

Meet The Team



Jack Yap

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Jacqueline Chua


Founding Partner

Tiew Siew Yee

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