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Experienced Professionals

We are committed to provide impartial and exceptional financial planning advices that are custom tailored to meet every individual, family and corporate clients’ interests and needs.

Our Services

What we do

We are proud to offer customised wealth management and financial planning services that add real value to support our clients’ overall financial goals. In our company, client's requirement is always top-priority and we will always be our most empathy selves to comprehend and fulfill their needs. 

Personal Financial Solutions

Everyone has dreams and goals they want to achieve – getting a dream car, starting a family, buying a dream home, vacation, etc. We provide client financial security and prepare them for the unpredictable future so they can achieve their goals.

Business Value Protection Trust

This secure long-term asset protection plan to ensure your family business or corporate business value is protected should anything happen to the owner.  It also guarantee the continuation or smooth transition of the business interest to the other co-owners


With proper risk management, individuals, their family members and business entities are able to minimise financial damages in the event of deaths, disabilities, major illnesses, or loss of 

critical assets or key personnel.

Corporate Financial Solutions

We foster strong and trusted partnerships with clients with the aim to maximize business growth by understanding needs, offering solutions, strengthen finance operation and reducing risks.

Profile Management

This involves identifying and mitigating potential risk exposure by selecting and supervising client's financial statement to meet the client's long-term financial goals.

Estate Planning

We help clients to decide how they want their assets to be preserved, managed, and distributed after death or in the event they become incapacitated. It is more than planning for your death; it's also planning for your lifetime.

What Clients Say 

Detailed explanation of product proposal. Transparent as possible, good service and professionalism. When buying things, especially insurance, make sure you're buying from someone you trust, and I trust OSSA"

Calvin Chen, Business Owner

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail! 

Benjamin Franklin

Start your growth journey with us!

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